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I am up to date on COVID-19 vaccines and have submitted the information for all doses I have received. Do I need to resubmit the information?

No. If you have submitted information in the myUOHealth portal for all primary doses and booster shots for which you are currently eligible, you do not need to resubmit the information.  

I previously received an exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine. Do I need to resubmit an exemption request for fall 2022? 

If you received an exemption to the COVID-19 vaccination during a previous term, you do not need to resubmit an exemption request. To check your vaccine or exemption records, login to the MyUOHealth portal and choose Immunization Record from the drop-down menu.

Are UO students required to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes. The UO requires students who learn, work, or live on UO campuses and property to be up to date or request a vaccine exemption. This includes all recommended booster shots when eligible. The UO will recognize exemption requests.

Full details on the process for complying with the UO’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement are available on the University Health Services website.

Note that as of August 23, 2021, the FDA has fully approved the Pfizer vaccine and as of January 31, 2022 the Moderna vaccine has been fully approved by the FDA.

Can I seek an exemption to the university’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement?

Yes. UO will recognize both medical and non-medical exemptions to the vaccine requirement, consistent with state law.

How do I submit my proof of COVID-19 vaccination or request an exemption?

UO Students: Submit your information to University Health Services by using the myUOHealth student portal. Additional information is available on the UHS website.

Will the UO accept vaccines other than those approved for use in the US?

The UO will accept any COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). In keeping with the CDC’s clinical considerations guidance, individuals who have received a vaccine that has not been approved by the WHO will be offered a US-approved vaccine.

For more information for international students related to the vaccine requirement and verification, as well as related travel questions, see International Student and Scholar Services’ Frequently Asked Questions

I received a vaccine outside of the U.S. (or vaccine other than Pfizer/Moderna/J&J), is the booster shot eligibility/requirement different for me?

If you completed a WHO-listed vaccine series, the CDC recommends a Pfizer booster shot at least five months after completing your primary series. The CDC provides additional information for individuals who received COVID-19 vaccines outside the US. For specific questions or concerns, contact your health care provider.

What if my vaccination card is lost or damaged?

To report vaccine status, you may submit an alternative type of documentation listed below. Official documentation must include the type of vaccine administered, date(s) of administration, and the name of the healthcare professional(s) or clinic site(s) administering the vaccine(s). Pdf and jpg versions will be accepted.

Alternative proof of vaccination can include:

  • A copy of the record of immunization from a health care provider or pharmacy
  • A copy of medical records documenting the vaccination
  • A copy of immunization records from a public health or state immunization information system

To replace a lost card, contact your health care provider or the pharmacy/clinic where you received the vaccine. Individuals vaccinated in Oregon can request an electronic vaccine card or submit an Adult Record Request through the Oregon Health Authority. You may also be able to request a copy of your immunization records through your primary healthcare provider.

If you received your vaccination out of state, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends contacting your state health department's immunization information system. Your information should be added to that registry when you get vaccinated.

Tip: Take a picture of your card after receiving each dose. This way, if it is misplaced, lost, or damaged you can use it when you arrive to the clinic to receive additional doses or as proof of vaccination.

Who will have access to my COVID-19 vaccination-related information—vaccinated or exemption status? 

Only a limited number of university employees have access to the information provided by employees or students in response to the university’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement. In general, the information will be disclosed only to employees who have a legitimate need to know the information in order to carry out the University’s compliance and public health requirements, for example to assist employees and students with completing the required form, to assist with compliance efforts including mandatory testing protocols, and to provide verification of compliance to state and local public health officials, if requested. 

The university may also release unidentifiable aggregated data showing the percentage of students and employees who are vaccinated. 

The university treats the information it collects on vaccination status and exemptions as sensitive personal information subject to applicable personnel policies such as the faculty records rule. The information is maintained in a private database with restricted access.  

Supervisors have been notified of the sensitive nature of this personal information. They are directed to maintain the information as confidential and use it only for permissible purposes including compliance. 

If I request an exemption, and later I decide to get vaccinated, can I change my status?

Yes. Students can resubmit vaccine information using the steps outlined to upload vaccine records.

I received primary doses of a vaccine. Is there an option to request an exemption from the booster shot requirement?

Students can request an exemption from the booster shot requirement. Instructions are available on the UHS website.

Does the UO’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement violate HIPAA laws?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, is a law that prevents health care professionals from sharing private health information without the patient’s permission. Generally, the law pertains to a health-care setting. It does not prohibit the UO, or other institutions or businesses, from setting a policy that requires people to disclose their own vaccination status. Individuals can then choose whether to disclose by showing proof of vaccination.

What are the deadlines for completing the COVID-19 vaccination requirement process? 

Student vaccine deadlines are listed on the University Health Services website.

Who do I contact if I have questions? 

Students: Please email if you have questions.

I'm a parent and I want to ensure my student's vaccine records are up to date. How do I do that?

Due to privacy laws, the UO cannot check the status of your student's vaccine records for you. Instead, please have your student login to the myUOHealth Portal using their Duck ID and password. Then click on the "Immunization" tab and allow the system to load. Have your student use the arrows at the end of the blue bar that reads "COVID-19 Vaccine" to open the drop-down menu to check to see if their vaccines are listed and are "verified." There may be an overall "Not Compliant" message in the tab so it's important to have your student make sure that all required vaccines are entered in addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, and that they also complete the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire located in the "Forms" tab.

If a hold has been placed on my student record, what is the process for removing it?

Students who receive a hold on their records must comply with vaccination recording requirements and either upload their vaccination records or seek an exemption by visiting the myUOHealth portal. Once you have completed the vaccination recording process, the hold on your account will be removed as soon as possible.

Where can I get a vaccine or booster shot?

COVID-19 vaccines are available in the Eugene/Springfield community through pharmacies, health care providers, and public health vaccine clinics. To avoid long wait times, please check with your health care provider or pharmacy to find out if they have COVID-19 vaccines available.

Lane County Public Health is offering booster shot clinics and provides a list of additional places that offer COVID-19 vaccinations.

If you are outside of the Lane County area, check with local public health agencies, pharmacies, or healthcare providers about booster shot options and appointments in your area.

Why is it important to be up to date on COVID-19 vaccines?

Vaccines allow your body’s immune system to develop an antibody response that may protect you from getting sick or developing a severe illness if you contract COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and an important step in stopping the pandemic.


Is the UO offering COVID-19 testing to students, faculty, staff, or the community? 

Free COVID-19 testing is available for all UO students, employees, and Lane County community members through MAP. MAP test results are available within 2-4 business days. This is not a rapid test. Masks are required at COVID-19 testing sites and should be worn in line, even if you are outside. 

If a student has viral symptoms and is unsure whether they need a medical evaluation, they should contact UHS at 541-346-2770 or their health care provider to determine if and where they should be tested. For current hours visit the UHS webpage

If a student develops COVID-19 symptoms and has been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, they should contact UHS at 541-346-2770 or their health care provider to determine if and where they should be tested for COVID-19. Testing is available through MAP for those who do not require a medical evaluation.


What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 or have a COVID-19 exposure?

Students and employees who have tested positive or have been exposed to COVID-19 should follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guide to determine next steps.

What should I do if I have viral symptoms?

Students and employees who have symptoms should stay home and get tested for COVID-19. If you test negative through a home rapid antigen test, continue to stay home and test again with another home rapid antigen test in 48 hours or get a PCR test to confirm the result. Free COVID-19 testing is available through MAP for asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic individuals who do not need a medical evaluation.

Individuals with a negative PCR test (or two negative at-home tests done 48 hours apart) may return to work when symptoms are improving and they have not had a fever for at least 24 hours without using fever-reducing medication.

If a student has viral symptoms and is unsure whether they need a medical evaluation, they should contact University Health Services at 541-346-2770 or their health care provider to determine if and where they should be tested. Seek emergency care only if you are experiencing life-threatening symptoms.

To monitor for symptoms, individuals can use the symptom self-check.


I have a health condition that may put me at higher risk from COVID-19. Is there anything I should do to protect myself?

Being up to date on COVID-19 vaccines provides individuals protection from serious illness and hospitalization. The CDC provides additional guidance for moderately and severely immunocompromised individuals.

Wearing a well-fitted face covering provides the wearer additional protection even if those around them are not wearing a mask. KN95 masks provide more protection than cloth face coverings and are available on all UO campuses.

EHS is available to help individuals in the UO community in need of additional protection to access N95 respirators. Training is required for use of N95 respirators. EHS can facilitate the training and recommend different styles of N95 respirators to meet individual needs.

The university recommends community members with specific health concerns contact their healthcare provider for medical advice tailored to their individual situations.