UHC is Growing for the Future!

(August 3, 2018) The University Health Center is expanding to continue to meet the needs of UO students. Construction is beginning and, as a result, there will be some changes at the health center.

Here is some information to consider:

  • The health center is building a 22,000-square-foot, three-story addition to the north side (facing 13th Street) of the current building. We are also renovating the existing space. Highlights of the changes include an expanded lobby and check-in area, a new acute care clinic, expanded or new facilities for the pharmacy, laboratory, primary care, psychiatry, nurse specialty clinic, STI clinic, counseling center, physical therapy/sports medicine, and dental.
  • The health center will remain open during construction and services will continue. Some parts within and around the building may be affected. Except for brief times in the summer of 2019, we expect to continue our services without major interruption.
  • The planned opening of the completed building is fall 2019. Some parts of the new building will be opened for patient use in summer 2019.
  • There will be changes to vehicle and bicycle parking:
    • Parking lot 36B (behind the health center): This parking lot will be closed starting during construction.
    • Bike parking at north and south entrances: These bike parking areas will fluctuate throughout the project. The south entrance bike parking will remain accessible during most of the construction. The north entrance bike parking will be accessible for a very short period of time and then temporary bike parking will be identified.
    • Covered bike parking on the west side of the building: This bike parking area will be removed during construction, and will no longer be an option for parking.
    • Covered bike parking on the southwest side of the building: This bike parking is used mostly by students living in Carson and other residence halls. This parking area will be removed during construction and will likely be relocated. 
    • Secured bike cage parking for staff: The current location of this bike parking will remain in the same location and be accessible during most of the construction.