Acupuncture services include traditional acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, Tuina, and Gua Sha. Not all of these treatment techniques involve needles. Acupuncture can be a complementary treatment to other physical modalities (physical therapy, athletic training, massage, etc.) in which case, your team will work together to ensure a comprehensive approach. It is also an effective stand-alone treatment for addressing a range of issues including general muscle and tendon injuries, stress, anxiety, women’s health issues, and addiction.

One-on-one, private sessions take place in a relaxing treatment space. These sessions are tailored to each students' individual needs. Sessions are 45 minutes and cost $60.

Group acupuncture is also available. This form of treatment focuses on stress reduction and incorporates therapeutic quiet time. It's offered every Friday from 11:00–11:45 a.m. at the University Health Center (except summer). The cost is $15 per session, billed to your student account. Call 541-346-4401 to reserve your seat.

Acupuncture is located on the second floor of the health center. To make an appointment call 541-346-4401 or stop by the clinic.

Acupuncture FAQ