Immunizations, Titers, and Tuberculosis Screening

Vaccines are powerful tools to protect your individual health and keep our campus safe from communicable disease outbreaks.

New to UO? UHS offers all UO’s required and highly recommended vaccines. For more information about UO’s immunization requirements, go to Immunization Requirements and Tuberculosis Risk Assessment.

Need a routine vaccine? You can schedule an appointment in Clinic G for any of the vaccines listed below. To schedule an appointment, call 541-346-2770 or schedule an Immunization Consult through myUOHealth portal.

Need a vaccine for travel? UHS offers travel vaccines for students traveling abroad through our Travel Medicine clinic. Vaccines available through UHS for travel:

Need to check for immunity to infections? If you want to check immunity for measles, mumps, rubella, or varicella, Clinic G can order blood tests and you can have those drawn at UHS lab.

Need a screening test for tuberculosis? Many schools, jobs, and programs require a tuberculosis (TB) screening test. You can have that done through Clinic G. We recommend the IGRA blood test, as this is the most reliable and accurate test. However, if needed, we can do the tuberculin skin test (TST).