Health Insurance

Health Insurance

While health insurance is not a requirement to access healthcare at the health center, we strongly recommend UO students have insurance. The University Health Center can bill any U.S.-based health insurance plan, and we are in-network for a growing list of plans. If you don't have health insurance, the University Health Center is not in-network for your plan, or your coverage is limited in the Eugene/Springfield area, the UO Student Health Benefits Plan offers comprehensive coverage at a low cost.

UO Student Health Insurance

Consider purchasing the UO Student Health Benefits Plan for the most comprehensive coverage on campus, in the community, and wherever you may travel.


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Student Health Benefits Plan

Common Questions

Why Have Insurance?

Health insurance is different from the health fee that all students pay. The health fee reduces the cost of care, but you are still responsible for paying for services received at University Health Center. If you have health insurance, your plan may cover a portion of those charges.

Domestic students are not required to have health insurance, but the UO requires all international students and their eligible dependents to purchase the UO insurance, or obtain a waiver by having other insurance that meets the UO insurance requirements.

Insurance Requirements

What Will My Insurance Cover?

Your coverage amount depends on your plan. The UHC pharmacy and dental clinic are "in network" with many private insurance plans. For medical care, however, the health center is not currently "in network" with any outside insurance plans, so your insurance may not cover some services, or pay only a portion for what it does cover.

While the health center will provide courtesy insurance billing for all students, the best way to ensure coverage for health center services is to purchase the UO Student Health Benefits Plan, which covers 100 percent of medical charges, with no deductible. If you choose to remain on your private plan, we recommend you contact your insurance provider to see if they will cover services at the University Health Center and how much you can expect to pay out of pocket.

Student Health Benefits Plan

How Do I Use My Insurance at the University Health Center?

If you have non-UO health insurance, bring a copy of your insurance card to the University Health Center to register your plan, or upload a copy of your card to myUOHealth. Be sure to complete the required consent forms (found within myUOHealth under the “Forms” tab).

Pharmacy and dental are in network with many insurance plans. For out-of-network medical care, we will courtesy bill your insurance company and then bill any residual balance to your student account. You are responsible for paying those charges.

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If you have other questions about insurance, e-mail