Oregon ContraceptiveCare (CCare)

The Oregon ContraceptiveCare Program (CCare) is a Medicaid waiver program that serves Oregonians (note: this includes students residing in the state of Oregon) with incomes at or below 250% of the federal poverty level (FPL) who are not enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). CCare services are limited to those related to preventing unintended pregnancy and may include: annual exams; follow-up visits to evaluate or manage problems associated with contraceptive methods; medical procedures, lab tests, and counseling services associated with contraceptive management; and contraceptive methods. Only U.S. citizens/nationals and individuals with "eligible immigration status" are eligible for CCare. 

In order to utilize CCare, students must:

  • Be eligible to use University Health Services, and
  • Qualify for CCare by filing an application with UHS's CCare coordinator, located on the first floor of the health center.

Private insurance will first be billed and any balance remaining will be billed to CCare. Services not covered by either private insurance or CCare will be billed to the student’s account and the student is responsible to pay these charges. Student should consult with the CCare coordinator to learn what is covered and what is not.

If you are interested in CCare, enrollment forms are available in the myUOHealth portal under the “Forms” tab.