UO International Student Health Insurance Requirement Procedure

This page includes procedural components associated with the UO policy “Health Insurance Requirements for International Students and Their Dependents.”

General Procedure:

  1. All international students are automatically billed for and enrolled in the UO Student Health Benefits Plan. Premiums must be paid by the published Compliance Deadline each term/semester to avoid a $100 late fee and a hold on their account.
  2. Students may submit a request for a waiver from the UO Student Health Benefits Plan if they have other coverage that meets or exceeds the UO’s Waiver Criteria.

Waiver Procedure:

Alternative health insurance coverage must extend through the entire academic term the student is enrolled in and meet the following criteria:

  • The deductible must be $500 or less per accident/illness per year
  • The plan must have co-insurance of 20 percent or less
  • The plan must treat all claims from University Health Services as in-network
  • The plan must include medical evacuation coverage of at least $50,000
  • The plan must include repatriation coverage of at least $25,000
  • The plan provides comprehensive coverage without financial caps for the following benefits:
    • Immunizations, screenings, and other preventive services consistent with state and federal mandates
    • Emergency services, ambulatory patient services, and hospitalizations
    • Pregnancy, maternity, newborn care, and breastfeeding coverage
    • Mental health and substance use disorder services, including counseling and psychotherapy on both an in-patient and outpatient basis
    • Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices
    • Prescription medications
    • Laboratory and diagnostic services
    • Preventive and wellness services (including birth control)
    • Chronic disease management
  • There are no exclusions in coverage for pre-existing conditions, participation in recreational/sports activities, or mental health conditions
  • The plan is compliant with any pertinent state and/or federal mandates
  • Foreign plans without a US-based claims administrator will only be considered if they meet the following additional requirements:
    • The institution offering the plan has been pre-approved by the University of Oregon as offering financial and administrative assistance to any student so they do not encounter barriers to care relating to a healthcare provider being unable or unwilling to bill a foreign plan/entity
    • Plan documents are in English

Other Provisions:

  1. If an enrolling international student does not provide acceptable proof of adequate health insurance for him-or herself and for dependent family members in the United States, the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management may, in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs and Office of the Registrar, restrict university registration and issuance of immigration documents (for travel, extensions of stay, employment requests, practical training, dependent matters, etc.) for the student and the student's dependent family members.
  2. International students shall be notified in writing of these requirements before departing for the University of Oregon. Additionally, notices shall be published on university websites, including but not limited to: Office of International Affairs, American English Institute, and University Health Services.
  3. Students may contest the factual premise underlying any proposed restriction referred to in section (4) of this procedure by presenting their documentation and arguments before the vice president for Student Services and Enrollment Management or that person's designee.
  4. Pending the resolution of any dispute over the conformity of a proffered policy with guidelines referred to in section (1) of this policy, the student proffering the insurance in question shall be enrolled in the UO SHBP, and shall, in the event the proffered plan is ultimately deemed acceptable, be given a full refund of premiums and administrative fees and the UO SHBP will be terminated retro-actively to the start of coverage for the period of time in dispute and will be responsible for paying any outstanding claims.
  5. International students are responsible for updating the student health benefits coordinator with any changes to their address or insurance policy. Failure to notify the student health benefits coordinator within 10 days of a change to either insurance coverage or local address constitutes a violation of the UO Student Conduct Code.
  6. Eligibility, coverage rules, handling of refunds, pro-ration, etc. will be handled in accordance with the published plan documents.

Definitions of Student Categories:

American English Institute (AEI) student: Means any AEI student who is studying on the UO campus, enrolled in at least 1 full term course that is subject to the Student Administrative Health Fee.

Domestic student: Means any student who is admitted to the University of Oregon and does not meet the definition of an international student, international exchange/sponsored student, or American English Institute student.

International exchange/sponsored student: Means any student, degree or non-degree seeking, who is approved by the Office of International Affairs as an exchange or sponsored student to engage in an approved academic program at the University of Oregon.

International student: Means any student who is admitted to the University of Oregon and has a visa type of J or F, or other legal non-immigrant status that is approved by the Office of International Affairs as an international student.