Law Student Plan

Open enrollment for spring 2024 has closed.

International Law Students: The UO’s waiver criteria is strictly enforced. Before purchasing an alternative plan, please carefully review the waiver criteria.

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Academic Year 2023–24 Plan Documents 

The University of Oregon is pleased to partner with PacificSource to offer a high-quality, affordable health plan for the 2023–24 year. Some highlights of the plan include:

  • Excellent medical and prescription drug coverage for services at University Health Services and with our local partners.
  • Compliant with the Affordable Care Act—federally certified as Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC).
  • Coverage anywhere: Your benefits tag along wherever you go, offering 24/7 emergency medical care and assistance anywhere in the world.
  • Coverage throughout the year—at school, at home, while traveling—our extensive network of providers keeps you covered as long as you are enrolled in the UO Health Plan.
  • Affordability: low cost of coverage, co-pays and deductibles with caps on annual out-of-pocket costs help eliminate the stress of finding great coverage.
  • Mobile apps to keep you connected and healthy on the move.

Domestic law students—for specific plan details, review the following documents:

International law students—for specific plan details, review the following documents:

The University of Oregon requires that all international students have health insurance to help cover unexpected medical expenses that may arise. This includes international students who are studying abroad or have an approved medical or vacation term. All international students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the UO Student Health Benefits Plan.

New international students must complete an insurance compliance form prior to UO course registration. You can find this form or submit an insurance waiver request form through the myUOHealth student portal.

NOTE: Law students are billed per semester (not per quarter, like other international students). See below for cost and payment information.

Refer to PacificSource for additional resources, such as ordering an ID card or downloading the myPacificSource app. (Note: Once you have downloaded the myPacificSource app, create a user account searching by your UO Student ID number. You will then have access to your digital ID card).

Cost of Plan and How to Pay

  • $1,644 per student, per semester
  • The total annual cost is $3,288. This breaks down to $274 per month, when comparing to other plans.
  • Charges are billed to the student’s account in two installments (once per semester during the fall and spring semesters).
  • The deadline for spring semester premium payment is January 26, 2024, by 5:00 p.m. If you do not pay your premiums before this deadline, you will have an academic hold placed on your account and may be subject to a late-payment fee of $100.
  • Student Billing accepts cash, check, money order, and online payments (which includes the use of credit cards).

How to Enroll