Insurance for Special Situations

Graduate Employees

If you have a graduate employee appointment, contact the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF) at 541-344-0832 to determine if you are eligible for the GTFF Plan.

The GTFF insurance plan offered to UO graduate employees qualifies you for a waiver from the UO Student Health Benefits Plan. Effective Fall 2018, graduate employees who enroll in the GTFF plan can now submit their Waiver Request Form at the same time they enroll in the GTFF plan (through the GTFF Office). You do not need to submit an additional request form through the portal. Deadlines apply.

Don't forget to register your GTFF Plan with University Health Services to ensure seamless access to care. Do this by bringing a copy of your insurance card to the insurance liaison desk on the first floor of the health services building.

University Health Services is able to directly bill the GTFF Plan. In addition, your medical deductible does not apply when you access care at UHS.

Study Abroad Students

The UO Student Health Benefits Plan includes medical evacuation and repatriation benefits required for study abroad programs. The benefits are included with the PacificSource Global Emergency Services program. You can enroll in the UO Student Health Benefits Plan through

International students who are studying abroad are still subject to the university’s insurance requirement.

If you have other health insurance, remember to contact your insurance company directly to determine coverage while you travel.

If you are on the UO Student Health Benefits Plan and your study abroad program requires insurance verification, please send an email to the insurance coordinator at to request verification.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars are not eligible to purchase the UO health insurance plan. However, there are several short term plans available commercially. The University of Oregon does not endorse any plan or program. The links below are informational only. Individuals are encouraged to make their own assessment of their healthcare needs and make an independent decision.

Graduating Students and Alumni

The UO Alumni Association partners with the Alumni Insurance Program to offer a wide variety of plans, whether you're a recent graduate, settled down with a family and career, or ready to enjoy retirement.