Billing Options

Charges can be billed to students’ University of Oregon student account or paid by cash or check. Visa and MasterCard are also accepted for most clinical services. We can also submit claims to university-sponsored insurance plans, and courtesy bill other private plans.

Students who are referred out for medical services not available at the University Health Center (UHC) or who seek medical or health services elsewhere in the community are fully responsible for all expenses.

Learn More About Insurance

UHC does accept Visa and MasterCard for clinical services. Students are able to present their Visa- and MasterCard-affiliated credit or debit cards at point of payment for same-day remittance for the services they receive. The services that can be paid by credit or debit card include all clinical and nursing services, as well as dental, diagnostic, physical therapy, and sports medicine services.

  • UHC Pharmacy continues to provide credit and debit card acceptance separately for all pharmacy services at their location only.
  • UHC does not accept credit or debit cards for Student Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) premium remittances.
  • UHC continues to courtesy bill health insurance plans for services, as well as to process SHBP student billing information.

UO Student Health Benefits Plan

University Health Center (UHC) will submit claims for students enrolled in the Student Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) directly to the insurance company. Most services are fully covered, but services that are not covered will be billed to the students’ UO accounts on DuckWeb.

Private Insurance Billing

The UHC pharmacy and dental clinic can direct bill most private insurance plans. For other medical services, UHC will courtesy bill private insurance companies only after students complete the billing consent form through myUOHealth and register their insurance companies prior to their appointment. Insurance companies will independently process claims per the terms of the plan and pay the UHC directly for approved claims. Any remaining charges should be paid through DuckWeb.

Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

As an OHP provider, the health center will bill all OHP plans, but students may be asked to obtain a referral or prior authorization from their assigned primary care physician. This should be done through their Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) prior to service to ensure payment of the claim. Not all services are covered by OHP, and students who are OHP clients may be asked to sign a waiver form indicating that they agree to pay these charges. 

No Insurance or No Registered Insurance

After treatment, charges will appear on the UO student account, typically within two to five business days. If the student does not have insurance, they are responsible for paying these charges. If the student has insurance but has not registered their plan with the UHC, the health center will not courtesy bill the student’s plan. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the claim to their insurance. Students can obtain itemized billing statements to submit to their private insurance company by accessing their statement history through myUOHealth. The student’s insurance company will independently process the claim per the terms and conditions of the plan. If the insurance company approves the claim, they will send the student a reimbursement check. In the event an insurance company sends a reimbursement check to the health center, the student’s UO account will be credited.

Confidential Billing 

After treatment, charges appear on the UHC billing system. Students should go to the insurance liaison at the health center to pay for services and prevent charges from being billed to their UO account or to their insurance. If students are unable to pay at the time of service, charges will be billed to their student account, but the specifics of the treatment will not be included. Students may obtain an itemized statement of services by accessing their statement history through myUOHealth.

Pay at Time of Treatment 

After treatment, students can go directly to the UHC insurance liaison to pay for their visit. UHC accepts cash or check, as well as Visa or MasterCard for most clinical services. No record of the visit or treatment will appear on their student account. Students can obtain an itemized statement of services by accessing their statement history through myUOHealth.

Other Types of Billing 

Oregon Contraceptive Care (CCare): In order to utilize CCare, the student must:

  • Be eligible to use the University Health Center by being enrolled as a student or by paying the mandatory fee if eligible; and
  • Qualify for CCare by filing an application with UHC’s CCare coordinator, located on the first floor of the health center.

Private insurance will first be billed and any balance remaining will be billed to CCare. Services not covered by either private insurance or CCare will be billed to the student’s account and the student is responsible to pay these charges. Student should consult with the CCare coordinator to learn what is covered and what is not.

Workers compensation: After treatment, with the proper paperwork and releases, the UHC will submit the claim. If the claim is denied by the insurance company, the charges will be billed to the student’s UO account. The student is responsible for paying these charges.

Motor vehicle accident claims (MVA): Students must first register their MVA insurance policy or claim with UHC and complete a billing consent form. After treatment, UHC will submit the student’s claim to their MVA insurance. If the claim is denied by the insurance company, the charges will be billed to the student’s account. The student is responsible for paying these charges.

Sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE): SANE exams are strictly confidential. The student will not be charged. No record of treatment will appear on the student’s UO student account, and no insurance reimbursement forms will be generated.

Medicare: University Health Center is unable to provide services to Medicare beneficiaries. The student will need to utilize a Medicare provider in the community.