Allergy and Asthma

In the spring and early summer, the mid-Willamette Valley becomes inundated with pollen. We can help you find relief! All of our doctors and nurse practitioners take care of students with allergies and asthma. You can also access medication through our pharmacy.


If you need a refill of prescription allergy medication, contact your pharmacy. If you're not sure if your symptoms might represent a new diagnosis of allergies, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with us at 541-346-2770.


The University Health Center refers all patients receiving immunotherapy to a local allergist for initial evaluation.

This evaluation will include a review of the patient records from their prescribing allergist and an assessment of the patient’s current health. Some patients will be referred back to the University Health Center for ongoing immunotherapy. However, some patients will need to continue care with a local allergist, based on their individual health history and the presence of any high-risk factors such as unstable asthma or prior history of severe allergic reaction.

In order to ensure patient safety, we have established a co-management model of patient care with two local allergy offices:

Oregon Allergy Associates
Allergy and Asthma Center

However, you may contact any allergist in the local community in order to establish care.

For all incoming and returning students who will need to continue immunotherapy, please plan to have your allergist forward your patient records to a local allergist. Your allergist’s office will need to forward records of allergy serum content and skin testing results. Please contact the local allergist in Eugene to see if you will need to have all serum vials sent directly to the local allergist’s office, or to the University Health Center.  

Again, based on the decision of our local allergists, we will be happy to continue to provide immunotherapy injections at the health center. Other patients will be asked to continue care and to receive immunotherapy at the allergist’s office.

There may be times during the school year when you will need to take your antigens home for school breaks and other occasions. To do this, fill out and submit the applicable forms.


If you have asthma and are experiencing any worsening symptoms, please don't hesitate to call the health center at 541-346-2770 to schedule an appointment or talk with a nurse.