If you are a UO student experiencing difficult mental health symptoms and need support, the best place to start is with the Mental Health Access Team (MHAT). You can call 541-346-3227 or just drop by University Health Services for a same-day MHAT evaluation. This team will work with you to evaluate your needs, provide immediate help, and decide the best next steps to support your mental health. Many mental health issues can be successfully treated with short-term psychotherapy through Counseling Services. If needed, MHAT can schedule you to see a provider in the primary care clinic or facilitate a referral to our psychiatry team.  

Our psychiatrists have years of experience working with undergraduate and graduate students and understand the challenges of navigating academics while managing a mental health condition. We will start with a review of any previous care and an in-depth trauma-informed diagnostic evaluation. Then we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that emphasizes self-care, building resiliency tools, psychotherapy, and, if needed, medication management.

Young adulthood is often a time when serious mental health conditions arise for the first time. Certain conditions, such as psychosis, acute mania, or profound active suicidality require a higher level of care than can be safely managed within a student health center. If we determine your symptoms require a higher level of care, we will assist in referring you to appropriate services within the local community.

If you are transferring care to our psychiatry team, please arrange to have your prior medical records sent to UHS. Complete a release of information (ROI) so we can obtain records from your current/previous provider(s).

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and UHS is closed, you can reach the UHS mental health crisis line at 541-346-3227. To connect with the three-digit national crisis and suicide lifeline, call 988.