After-Hours Care

University Health Services Nurse Advice Line

Call 541-346-2770 

University Health Services provides a medical advice line, available at all times when we are closed, for registered University of Oregon students. The advice nurses will help you assess your problem and offer advice on how to best meet your healthcare needs. Depending on the nature of your problem, the nurse may recommend emergency care, calling us for an appointment the next day, or trying self-care options.

Please be aware that:

  • You are responsible for all charges for healthcare services received outside University Health Services.
  • Information pertaining to your call to the Nurse Advice Line will be included as a part of your confidential medical record.

Counseling Services Mental Health Support and Crisis Line

Call 541-346-3227 

Any time Counseling Services is closed, a mental health professional is available to provide support and connect you with resources.

Urgent Care

Nova Health Urgent Care (multiple locations)

PeaceHealth Urgent Care—Eugene and Springfield

Emergency Care

PeaceHealth—Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District

PeaceHealth—Sacred Heart Medical Center, RiverBend Pavilion

PeaceHealth—Cottage Grove Community Medical Center

McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center