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Are you interested in a health career, promoting health and well-being, or just want to get involved on campus? University Health Services (UHS) has opportunities! Whether you are interested in getting involved on a committee, volunteering or working as a health navigator, working as a peer health educator at UHS or in the Duck Nest, or looking for employment experience or practicum hours in a clinical environment, UHS could be a place for you to explore health and well-being at the UO.

Student Health Advisory Committee

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) members bridge the gap between UO students and UHS. SHAC promotes public health policies and organizes events and outreach to meaningfully connect UHS with UO students. Throughout the years, SHAC has helped launch many initiatives, including the smoke-free campus policy, tours for the UHS building, installing a wellness vending machine in the EMU, and much more. Currently SHAC is working on projects around health equity, health navigation, built environment, and outreach. This organization is a great way for students to meet like-minded individuals, grow as leaders, and make a lasting impact on campus.

Follow SHAC on Instagram and Facebook @UOSHAC, and check out SHAC on Engage for more information.

SHAC Official Bylaws

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Student Advisory Board for Counseling Services

The Counseling Services Student Advisory Board enhances Counseling Services initiatives and supports its services through advocacy, feedback, and peer education. SAB members represent the voice of the student body and support us in providing the resources and services that are relevant to the UO community.

For more info, go to

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Peer Wellness Facilitators at the Duck Nest

Peer to peer health education is a successful way for students to seek out and navigate health and well-being on campus. Peer Wellness Facilitators at the Duck Nest help students access resources and create and implement student-driven wellness programs. Our Peer Wellness Facilitators also offer one-on-one support for UO students including help with navigating the resources in the Duck Nest space and throughout campus.

Email the Peer Wellness Facilitators at the Duck Nest.

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The Peer Health Navigator program helps students navigate UHS and empowers them to become informed, active partners in their health. Peer Health Navigators gain experience in a clinical setting while helping guide patients through UHS and health care resources. Navigators also interact with health professionals, get volunteer hours, and gain health-related experience.

Navigators also are available to help UO students when they are feeling ill, have been diagnosed with a communicable disease, or are looking for peer advice about what to do in public health situations. The Navigators can also connect students to resources on campus. Additionally, team members support UO immunization compliance.

Email the Navigator supervisor for more information.

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Oregon Public Health Corps

Based on experience gained during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Oregon Public Health Corps (OPHC) helps local and state public health authorities prepare for future public health challenges and is a workforce pipeline program. OPHC provides the UO student workforce with a steppingstone to health and public health careers while providing a workforce pipeline to public health and health care. OPHC’s student workforce model works by funneling students’ desires to learn and eagerness to improve the health and well-being of fellow community members. OPHC members work closely with state and local officials on public health projects and provide services directly in the community.

Email the Oregon Public Health Corps.

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Student Worker Positions

UHS is a great place for UO students looking for positions that offer experiential learning in various health settings. There are many ways students can apply their skills and interests in healthcare. Student employee roles include:

  • Executive office
  • Information services
  • Lab and x-ray
  • Oregon Public Health Corps
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical therapy
  • Peer Wellness Facilitators at the Duck Nest
  • Social media
  • UHS Navigators

UHS Navigators Find out about student positions on Handshake.

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Practicum Experiences in Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy Services offers a credited practicum each term (summer term excluded). This is a collaborative program between the Human Physiology Department and PT Services at University Health Services, which entails a 30-hour commitment to the department over the course of one (1) term, resulting in the accrual of one (1) credit through the Human Physiology Department.

Students who are accepted into the program are paired with a physical therapist and observe all aspects of care, including the opportunity to interact with patients, ask/answer questions, and assist with non-treatment related tasks. In addition, each student will be responsible for identifying an area of interest to research and will prepare a short presentation for the treatment staff during their final week.

Interested students must complete an application (available in PT Services) and return it to the PT Services Manager no later than Friday of week seven in the preceding term.

For more information, go to the Natural Sciences website.

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