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Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) members bridge the gap between UO students and University Health Services. They promote public health policies and organize events and outreach to meaningfully connect University Health Services with UO students. Members take on a number of responsibilities while in SHAC:

  • Promoting a diverse and healthy campus culture
  • Advising the health services executive leadership
  • Participating in community action projects, events, and outreach
  • Representing the student body

Throughout the years, SHAC has helped launch the smoke-free campus policy, developed tours for the University Health Services building, worked to implement a wellness vending machine into the EMU, and much more! This organization is a great way for students to meet like-minded individuals, grow as leaders, and make a lasting impact on campus.

SHAC meets regularly during the academic year. Recruitment for new members typically occurs in the winter, but guests are strongly encouraged to come and participate. Check out SHAC on Engage for more information.

For updates on University Health Services and SHAC events, follow us on Instagram and Facebook @UOSHAC!

The Vulnerability Project

The SHAC outreach team has been working to create a virtual space for students to reflect on vulnerability and what it means to them. During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever before to take care of ourselves and think about the ways we can open up to others. The Vulnerability Project is an online journal that includes student-submitted pieces surrounding this very theme. We hope you take the opportunity to admire the work of these students and consider the ways in which vulnerability manifests in your own life.