Costs for Services

Effective September 2020, the Health Center's fee schedule is changing and we will be providing expanded in-network insurance billing.

The UHC will charge rates similar to what you would experience at a community-based healthcare provider and we will be 'in-network' with more health insurance plans. It is very important that you check with your health insurance plan so you understand if and how your plan will cover services at the Health Center

The following is a list of approximate charges for University Health Center’s most accessed services. Charges are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may apply. We encourage all students to ask lots of questions about how charges and billing work to avoid a surprise bill.

Health Center Clinical Services

Office visit $89–$407
Psychiatry $139–$315
Physical (including Travel Physicals) $250-330
STI Screening Clinic (nurse visit fee) $45

* Fees vary based on the length and complexity of the visit as well as whether or not the visit is for a new or established patient. Additional fees may apply (procedures, laboratory tests, x-rays, prescriptions, immunizations, supplies, etc.).

Dental Clinic

Basic Cleaning $97
Composite (White) FIllings $195-$328
Crowns $1252
Custom Athletic Guards $132
Extractions $125
Full Mouth Debridement $125
Occlusal Guards (Night Guards) $295
Oral examination, comprehensive $85
Oral examination, periodic $60
Restoration, minor $195–$225
Teeth Whitening $90
X-rays $64–$115
Emergency services $100–$250

* Call the dental clinic for more information at 541-346-2039.

Lab Tests

Prices vary depending on vendor supply levels. The following list includes some of the most common tests, but not all. UHC does not control pricing for labs that are sent out to our partner reference labs (Quest Diagnostics, McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, Oregon State Public Health Laboratory). Students may receive a bill directly from our reference labs for any send out tests.

CBC $18.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $25.00
Hepatic Function Panel $23.00
Herpes simplex 1/2  $72.00
HIV (oral swab) $20.00
HIV (blood test) $30.00
Influenza A/B $75.00
Lipid panel $28.70
Mononucleosis (rapid) $19.00
Pertussis $55.00
Pregnancy test (urine test) $18.00
Pregnancy test (blood test) $22.00
Rapid step A screen $17.00
Urinalysis $17.00
Varicella $59.00

Additional $10 phlebotomy fee incurred once per lab visit for blood testing only.

Medical Records

One copy of patients medical record (per record volume) $5–$50


Call the UHC Pharmacy for pricing at 541-346-4454.

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Physical therapy (initial appointment) $170
Physical therapy (follow-up appointments) $100-$275*
Acupuncture, individual session (45 minutes) $75
Massage therapy 30 minutes: $40
45 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $80

Durable Medical Equipment

Refer to DME prices page

*Fees vary based on appointment length and complexity

Travel Health

Travel Physical $55
Travel Consult $45


Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), 2-dose series $91 per dose
Meningococcal ACYW, 1 dose $143
Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (TDaP), 1 dose $43
Varicella, 2-dose series $161 per dose
Hepatitis A and B, 3-dose series $100 per dose
HPV-9, 3-dose series $260 per dose
Influenza, 1 dose annually $20 (students)/$25 (faculty/staff)
Meningococcal B (Bexsero), 2-dose series $189 per dose
Meningococcal B (Trumenba), 2-dose series $205 per dose
Pneumococcal (polysaccharide), 1 dose
[for students with certain medical conditions, e.g., severe asthma, diabetes mellitus, or chronic liver or kidney disease (please check with your clinician if uncertain)]
$123 per dose

Additional $28 administration fee for the first vaccine, and $25 for each additional vaccine in the same visit. No administration fee charged for annual influenza vaccines.


Minimum to maximum charge (per X-ray) $45–$125

No Show/Late Appointment Cancellation Fees

No show/late cancellation—office visit $25
No show/late cancellation—office visit—physical, procedures, specialist $35
No show/late cancellation—office visit—psychiatry intake visit $60
No show/late cancellation—Clinic G (nursing) $25
No show/late cancellation—Oregon Health Plan no charge (three or more may be subject to same-day appointments)
No show/late cancellation—travel $35

Special Fees, Fines, Penalties, and Service Charges