Durable Medical Equipment

Sometimes acute or chronic orthopedic concerns need external stability to help with recovery. Durable medical equipment (DME) refers to the devices that can help support your injured limb and speed your recover.

What DME do you have in stock in the Sports Medicine clinic?

Our extensive list of in-house DME provides you quick access to support at low cost—comparable (if not cheaper) than over the counter products. A list of equipment includes:

  • Insoles
  • Foot and ankle braces
  • Calf, knee, and thigh braces
  • Spine and shoulder braces
  • Elbow and wrist braces
  • Finger splints
  • Cold packs
  • Taping supplies
  • Exercise equipment
  • Miscellaneous therapy items

How do I know what DME I need for my injury?

Schedule an appointment in the Sports Medicine clinic. We have providers who can recommend specific equipment and provide customized fitting for your body and injury.