International Student Insurance Waivers

The University of Oregon requires that all international students have health insurance to help cover unexpected medical expenses that may arise. International students with existing insurance which meets or exceeds the university’s standards may request a waiver.

Waiver Criteria

To be approved for an insurance waiver, you must provide proof of health coverage which meets the following criteria:

  • Coverage must begin on or before the first day of the academic term in which you are enrolled and extend through the entire term, including any UO approved vacation or medical leave terms
  • No maximum benefit for coverage (there can be no cap on the amount of coverage)
  • Deductible of $500 or less per accident or illness per year
  • Medical evacuation coverage of at least $50,000
  • Repatriation coverage of at least $25,000
  • No exclusions, including: pre-existing conditions, accidents, hospitalizations, ER visits, pharmacy benefits, pregnancy care, etc.
  • Co-insurance of 20% or less
  • The plan must be a federally certified, US-based plan (or university approved plan), compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and provide coverage for all services included in the Oregon Benchmark Plan. Foreign travel medical insurance plans will not be accepted.

If your health insurance plan fails to meet each of these requirements, you will be denied an insurance waiver and will remain enrolled in the UO Health Plan.

Requesting a Waiver

  1. Log into the myUOHealth student portal.
  2. Username is your Duck ID (email without and password.
  3. Click on the “Forms” tab in the top menu bar.
  4. Select “Insurance Waiver Request Form”
    1. Read the Waiver Terms and Conditions carefully.
    2. If you still wish to proceed, answer the question, “Do you wish to submit a waiver request form?” with “Yes. I have read, understand, and agree…”
    3. Select the term(s) you would like to be waived out.
    4. Select if you have a government sponsored insurance.
      1. If yes, select your home country or program from the drop down list.
    5. Provide insurance information.
      1. Insurance Company Name
      2. Member ID Number (Policy Number)
      3. Insurance Company Phone Number
      4. Enter the date your insurance coverage began
      5. Enter the date your insurance coverage ends
    6. Read the consent language.
    7. Sign the document and use the “Submit” button to finalize your form.
  5. Finalize your process by uploading a copy of your proof of insurance (insurance card or sponsorship letter).
    1. Click on the “Upload” tab (top menu bar)
    2. Choose document you are uploading: Use the drop down menu to select “Proof of Insurance for International Students…”
    3. Click “Select File” and browse to find your image or choose to take a picture with your phone.
    4. Click “Upload”
    5. Your document will appear at the bottom of the page under “Documents already on file”.

Be sure to log out of your session.