Addressing Disparities in Healthcare

A Message from UHC's Executive Director

Dear UO Campus Community,

As our nation navigates current events and harmful historical legacies, we at University Health Services recognize that racism, violence, and deliberate systematic discrimination against Black and other communities of color, undocumented persons, trans and LGBQIA+ people, and those with other marginalized identities is ongoing and unjust. We know that these injustices and the lived experiences they create have directly and negatively impacted health outcomes of these communities for generations. These injustices are also disproportionally impacting the well-being of many of our students, faculty and staff who identify as part of these communities. As we acknowledge and seek to bring visibility to these stark realities, we also know the University Health Services has a critical role to play in addressing racial and other disparities in healthcare, access, and outcomes and that we need to do more.

We at the University Health Services want to reaffirm our commitment to providing compassionate, inclusive, and equitable to care to the University of Oregon community. This means everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, racial or cultural background, ability, socioeconomic status, country of origin, or documentation status are welcome at the University Health Services and our initiatives. As we re-center this commitment, this means examining our own systems and practices to improve access, approaches to care, and ultimately, health equity. This process requires ongoing self-education, asking tough questions, allocating resources, and making sustainable, systemic change.  

While we embark on this improvement process, know that our goal is to meet your specific needs. We will continue to approach you as a partnership: meet you with an open ear, and build relationships through ongoing conversations. We are here for you, and deeply care about improving your health so you can be at your best.   

 We encourage you to reach out to us if you or someone you know needs support. Whether that be for your physical or mental health, with coping or healing, we are here for you.

Debra Beck, RN, MBA, UHC Executive Director