Birth Control Prescriptions

The University Health Services Pharmacy is excited to offer pharmacist-prescribed contraceptive consultations. Pharmacists can prescribe birth control pills, vaginal rings, Depo shots, or patches. Other methods (such as implants and IUDs) must still be prescribed by a doctor or nurse practitioner.

No appointment is necessary for this service—the pharmacy will have a schedule of available drop-in times posted each term. If you do prefer to schedule a time, you can also do that through the pharmacy. When you arrive, we will check you in, ask that you fill out some information using the kiosk computers, and then provide the consultation when a pharmacist is available. If you prefer not to wait, we can schedule a time for you later in the day or in the near future, based on your schedule and our drop-in times. From start to finish, plan on 30-45 minutes on average for check-in, consultation, and prescription filling. Since consults are on a drop-in basis, your wait time from check-in to consultation to prescription pick up may vary depending on staffing and patient volume. Pharmacy staff will give you an anticipated wait time at check in. The consultation will take place in a quiet, confidential space away from the pharmacy window so you will have the pharmacist's complete attention and you may have your questions answered completely.

The office visit fee is $90 and may be covered by your health insurance. Check with your insurance carrier for all questions about coverage and copays for this visit and products prescribed. Prescribing pharmacists are registered as clinicians and are credentialed with many insurance plans, including Oregon Health Plan. You may wish to check with your specific insurance company to make sure this service is covered. Oregon Contraceptive Care (CCare) has chosen not to cover pharmacist-prescribed birth control consultations but will cover products prescribed by our pharmacists. CCare patients may also continue to see their doctor or nurse practitioner, or use their private insurance. 

All pharmacist-clinicians participating in this program have gone through an extensive training program to be able to provide this service. Part of the consultation will involve you providing select medical information to make sure that you meet the Board of Pharmacy requirements for eligibility. If you have any chronic medical conditions, experience migraines, or have been denied contraceptive prescriptions by a provider in the recent past, you should contact the pharmacy before requesting a contraceptive consult.