Free Safer Sex Supplies Available

Protection Connection, the University Health Center’s safer sex supply program, has you covered year round. Visit one of our five Hot Spots on campus to access free external and internal condoms, personal lubricant, oral dams, and Love Gloves.

Hot Spot locations:

  • EMU: Restrooms near Falling Sky
  • EMU: Restrooms near Fishbowl
  • EMU Student Centers: LGBTQIA+ Resource Center and the Duck Nest
  • Student Recreation Center: Near Cycling Studio
  • University Health Center: Safer Sex Supply Bar

Need latex-free, XXL, snugger fit, other specialty condoms or finger cots? Be sure to visit the Duck Nest or University Health Center to get what works best for you.

Place an order with us to have supplies discreetly delivered to your residence hall completely free of charge.