Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control

The UHS pharmacy offers pharmacist-prescribed contraceptive consultations. Pharmacists can prescribe birth control pills, vaginal rings, Depo shots, or patches. Other methods (such as implants and IUDs) must still be prescribed by a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Check with the pharmacy for available appointment times. If we can't fit you in on the same day, we can usually get you in within a couple of business days.

The process usually takes about 45 minutes from check-in to prescription filling. You will be asked to fill out a brief screening form to determine if you are eligible for this service. Certain medical conditions like migraines or uncontrolled hypertension may make you ineligible to see a pharmacist.

The charge for your visit is determined by your insurance copay; ask the pharmacy staff for current consult price without insurance. Check with your insurance carrier for all questions about coverage and copays for this visit and products prescribed. Prescribing pharmacists are registered as clinicians and are credentialed with many insurance plans, including Oregon Health Plan. You may wish to check with your specific insurance company to make sure this service is covered.

Oregon Contraceptive Care (CCare) patients should continue seeing the regular provider as the program has elected not to cover pharmacist consultations.