Sick Notes

University Health Services does not routinely provide sick notes for students who miss class due to illness or injury. Students who need to miss class due to illness or injury should notify their instructor that they are ill or injured and unable to attend (and follow the directions provided by the faculty member on the course syllabus). It is the purview of the faculty member to determine when or if a student will be excused from class.

This policy is consistent with our commitment to maintain confidentiality, encourage more appropriate use of healthcare resources, and support meaningful dialogue between teacher and student.

Students are responsible for promptly notifying instructors about absences caused by illness or injury, preferably prior to the class time rather than after the class time.

We encourage faculty members to have the appropriate conversation with the student that allows the student to represent the situation to the faculty member. These are conversations that students will need to have with their bosses or supervisors in the future. The university encourages these conversations between faculty members and students as a step toward adult independence in such matters—the conversation that identifies how the student can fulfill their academic responsibilities and continue their academic efforts and achievements, while working around their illness.

Students with serious illness or significant disability can request that medical staff provide a letter detailing the condition to help facilitate academic accommodations.

Students who wish to request a withdrawal from a class or from the UO need to follow the rules set forth by the university. For those who are experiencing a serious or lengthy absence and cannot act on their own behalf, please contact the Office of Academic Advising at 541-346-3211.