Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Bylaws

Article 1 Name

This committee shall be known as the Student Health Advisory Committee of the University of Oregon (hereinafter "SHAC" or "Committee").

Article 2 Purpose

SHAC shall serve the following purposes for the benefit of the University of Oregon student body (hereinafter "Student Body") and acts as a liaison between the University Health Services and student body.

a. Promote and advocate for the health and well-being of the University community.

b. Serve as liaisons between the student body and the University Health Services (hereinafter “UHS”).              

i. Serve as student ambassadors for UHS

ii. Advocate for access to health resources and services 

iii. Solicit input from students and the campus community regarding health initiatives and services

iv. Advance and support university policies regarding public health and well-being via student-led action projects

v. Partner with student groups and other relevant organizations to address health disparities among the student population

c. Advise the UHS Executive Director on matters relating to services and the operation of UHS on the:  

i. Student Administrative Health Fee and any health-related costs to students, including student health insurance

ii. UHS services, operations, and budget

iii. UHS outreach and communication including promotional materials and social media

iv. Building and renovation projects

v. v. Other topics the Executive Director or SHAC deem important

Article 3 Operation and Conduct

Section 3.1

a. SHAC shall operate and conduct its business in a manner consistent with these Bylaws, University of Oregon policies, pertinent Oregon Revised Statutes, and Oregon Administrative Rules.

b. SHAC advances its work through Action Projects based on topics that the current SHAC membership agrees to address.

Section 3.2 Funds and Requests

a. Any funds or equipment purchased should be managed in alignment with the purpose of SHAC (see Article 2).

b. SHAC funds will be managed by the Vice Chair, who will report to the Executive Committee on incoming funds, expenditures, and balance.

c. Funding requests by internal SHAC members and external groups should be presented to the SHAC Executive Committee for a preliminary review. The Executive Committee will then take the request to the SHAC membership for final decision by vote.

Article 4 Committee Membership

Section 4.1 Executive Committee

a. The Executive Committee shall at a minimum consist of its officers, including the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Membership Coordinator, and Communication Coordinator. Elections for these positions occur every Spring Term.

b. The UHS Executive Director and SHAC Advisor(s) shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of the Executive Committee.

c. The Executive Committee, in consultation with the Executive Director and the SHAC Advisor(s), may add SHAC Cabinet members, or other positions necessary to meet the needs of SHAC each academic year.

d. The Executive Committee is responsible for determining agenda items for Committee meetings, for guiding the direction of SHAC activities and projects, and addressing emerging public health issues.

e. The Executive Committee reviews member attendance issues.

Section 4.2 Student/Voting Members

a. SHAC membership shall comprise students at the University of Oregon who meet the minimum enrollment requirements established for service on student governance committees. 

b. SHAC members who graduate or leave the university early may continue membership in SHAC for one term after their last enrolled term. This allows members to complete SHAC projects and service.

c. Members of the SHAC Executive Committee must meet the enrollment requirements above (4.2a) to serve as SHAC leaders, but if they graduate or leave early, they may continue on as members for one term after their last enrolled term.

d. Members have voting privileges.

e. Student/Voting members are subject to the University of Oregon Student Conduct Code.

Section 4.3 Staff/Faculty/Ex-officio, Non-voting Members        

a. Staff/Faculty/Ex-officio, Non-voting membership of SHAC shall include the UHS Executive Director, SHAC Advisors, other representative(s) from UHS, and other representatives from campus departments and divisions. 

b. Other participants may be involved on an ad hoc basis.

Section 4.4 Membership Recruitment

a. Recruitment shall occur each term and will be administered by the Executive Committee and Cabinet Members.

b. New recruits may be asked to submit a written application and may undergo an interview process.

c. Student guests who attend SHAC meetings on a regular basis may be appointed as a member by Executive Committee consensus.

Section 4.5 Membership Appointments

a. All SHAC membership appointments shall be made without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other consideration not directly and substantively related to effective performance. The overall composition of SHAC is intended to reflect diverse campus viewpoints.

b. Student/Voting members of SHAC shall be appointed by the UHS Executive Director. 

c. UHS Advisors and other representatives from UHS are appointed by the Executive Director.

d. Representatives from other university departments may participate in SHAC via Provision 5.5 in the Senate Bylaws, “Appointing Committee Membership,” which enables faculty/staff to request to appoint to SHAC.  

e. Any individuals/representatives—students, faculty/staff, or non-UO-affiliated individuals—may participate as guests. 

Section 4.6 Length of Appointments

a. All members shall be appointed for one academic year, with an opportunity for renewal if they are in good standing with SHAC. 

Section 4.7 Participation

a. Each term, members are responsible for attending SHAC meetings and volunteer for three (3) hours in a health-related activity and attending at least one health-related event. The event needs to be SHAC related or a campus/community event that aligns with the goals of SHAC.        

b. Members must provide prior notice to the SHAC Membership Coordinator if they miss a meeting.                                                                 

c. A student member of the committee who misses three (3) excused committee meetings per term may be removed from the committee for non-fulfillment of duties by Executive Committee consensus. Absences may be excused within a week of a SHAC meeting. Special circumstances will be considered by the Executive Committee on a case-by-case basis.                                                       

d. If an appointed member does not maintain this requirement, their appointment may be revoked by the Executive Committee. Executive Committee will provide one (1) week notice prior to discussion of removal.

Section 4.8 Leave of Absence

a. A leave of absence may be authorized for members. If a member is absent for more than two terms the member may reapply to renew membership.    

b. A request for leave of absence is to be submitted to the Membership Coordinator.

Section 4.9 Removal

a. If a member does not fulfill participation commitments, they are subject to review by the Executive Committee. Ramifications can include but are not limited to written warnings and possible removal from membership.

Article 5 Officers

SHAC officers are responsible for guiding the direction of SHAC, including appointing members to SHAC, co-leading Action Projects, overseeing elections, and undertaking special projects. See below for specific election and officer duties.

Section 5.1 Election, Compensation, and General Duties

a. At the end of spring term, or any time thereafter upon vacancy of an officer’s seat, the Committee shall elect from its Student/Voting membership officers including a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Membership Coordinator, and a Communications Coordinator to conduct the business of SHAC.

b. Officers shall serve for one year and may be re-elected once. Election of SHAC officers shall be by a simple majority vote. 

c. SHAC officers shall receive a stipend at the end of each term of service up to and including fall, winter, and spring terms.

d. SHAC officers are expected to be present for SHAC meetings. 

e. There should be at least one SHAC officer or Cabinet member present at SHAC events.

Section 5.2 Chairperson’s Duties

a. Convenes and presides over all SHAC meetings

b. Facilitates preparation of the weekly agenda with the Executive Committee

c. Creates an annual “Year-In-Review” summary outlining the activities and accomplishments of SHAC during the past year

d. Conducts SHAC business in a prompt and efficient manner

e. Maintains Center for Student Involvement status

f. Checks and responds to SHAC email

g. Co-facilitates work on a SHAC Action Project

Section 5.3 Vice Chairperson Duties

a. Supports the Chairperson, including performance of the Chairperson’s duties in case of absence

b. Records minutes during SHAC meetings and posts to SHAC MS Teams account

c. Conducts other Committee business the Chairperson may request

d. Oversees the funds and manages incoming requests (Refer to Section 2 of Article 3)

e. Checks and responds to SHAC email

f. Co-facilitates work on a SHAC Action Project

Section 5.4 Membership Coordinator Duties

a. Records attendance during SHAC meetings

b. Keeps records of SHAC members’ participation in events

c. Corresponds with SHAC members regarding their attendance and participation

d. Maintains Engage page

e. Manages Microsoft Teams Accounts for SHAC, including one for all members and one for the Executive Team

f. Checks and responds to SHAC email

g. Co-facilitates work on a SHAC Action Project

Section 5.5 Communications Coordinator Duties

a. Sends weekly emails with upcoming SHAC agenda and minutes from previous meeting.

b. Communicates event information as needed, including overseeing event sign-ups and emailing date and time information.  

c. Ensures that all event materials are prepared prior to the activity.

d. Maintains SHAC information on the SHAC page of the university’s club organization system, including current minutes, agendas, photographs, and relevant information.

Article 6 SHAC Cabinet Members and Other Advisors            

In collaboration with the Executive Director and SHAC Advisors, the SHAC Executive Committee may create new positions and modify existing positions annually as deemed necessary and depending on SHAC membership and the proposed agenda for the year.

Section 6.1 Cabinet Member Elections and Compensation

a. The SHAC Cabinet will be composed of four positions held by non-Executive SHAC members. Elections for cabinet members shall occur at the end of spring term. The cabinet members shall serve for one year and may be re-elected once. 

b. Cabinet members shall receive a stipend during each term of service up to and including fall, winter, and spring terms.

Section 6.2 Duties of Cabinet Members 

a. Cabinet members will co-lead an Action Project group with an Executive Committee member.

b. Cabinet members will be expected to attend Executive Committee meetings and SHAC events as needed by and directed by the Executive Committee.

c. Each cabinet member will have additional responsibilities to carry out independently. These duties will be determined by the Executive Committee and may include but not be limited to designing professional development opportunities, monitoring member involvement, organizing and recruiting for outreach events, or overseeing the SHAC budget.

Section 6.3 Other Advisors

a. SHAC may collaborate with other student advisory committees/boards, as needed.

b. SHAC may form task forces and work groups, as needed.  

c. Other advisors do not have membership status and may only advise (non-voting).

Article 7 Meetings

Section 7.1 Frequency

a. SHAC meetings shall be held weekly during the regular academic year.       

b. Additional working group meetings can occur if necessary.

Section 7.2 Quorum

A quorum to conduct SHAC business shall be a simple majority of all members.

Section 7.3 Public Meetings

Meetings shall be open to the public, pursuant to the Oregon Public Meetings Law. Notice of time and place of meetings will be posted on the SHAC page of the university’s club organization system.

Article 8 Amendments

Amendments and updates to these Bylaws shall be proposed by SHAC members and require a simple majority vote to approve.

Article 9 Dissolution

Upon dissolution of SHAC, any funds or equipment purchased remaining are to be used toward items, programming, or events that align with the purpose of SHAC (see Article 2).

SHAC Bylaws Revised, and Approved by SHAC Membership, May 2023