Travel Clinic

The comprehensive Travel Clinic is available to students by appointment only. We highly recommend that travelers contact us as soon as they know they will be traveling. Generally two appointments will be required:

  1. Pre-travel consultation with a nurse; and
  2. Pre-travel physical with a physician

Before an appointment is made, travelers will be asked to complete a travel worksheet that includes a specific itinerary along with other pertinent information. Visit the Nurse Specialty Clinic on the first floor of University Health Center to complete the travel worksheet.

As an alternative to completing the travel worksheet in person, travelers may download the worksheet by clicking the link below. Please fill out the worksheet, and either drop it off at the Nurse Specialty Clinic or fax it to 541-346-2747. Once we receive the worksheet, we will call for an appointment, but we must have a completed worksheet to make an appointment. Students must have a travel consultation with a nurse in the Nurse Specialty Clinic or with a University Health Center clinician in order to receive travel-related immunizations or medications at the health center.

Download Pre-Travel Worksheet

Pricing for Appointments

  • Pre-travel nursing consultation: $30
  • Pre-travel physical: $15-$25
  • Additional fees may apply for laboratory tests, X-rays, immunizations, and prescriptions

A travel consultation includes:

  • Detailed information and advice specific to the traveler’s itinerary
  • Review of previous immunizations and a plan for recommended and required immunizations
  • Prescriptions, if needed, for medications to help treat illnesses and diseases
  • Advice and prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis
  • International Certificate of Vaccination
  • Recommendations for traveler's first aid kit and water purification
  • Information on general travel health concerns, such as AIDS, STIs, water and beach safety, food and beverage selection, insect and sun protection, and other health and safety issues
  • HIV testing for travel purposes
  • Post-travel care and advice as needed

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