Travel Health

Travel Health services are currently available on a limited basis, as UO has suspended study abroad programs and other UO-sponsored foreign travel until further notice. Please refer to the University's coronavirus webpage for the latest information. The Global Education Oregon (GEO) website also has up-to-date information on its study abroad programs. 

Students planning to travel abroad once the UO lifts restrictions (or who are traveling independently or have a waiver from UO to travel) may fill out a Pre-Travel Worksheet in the myUOHealth portal to notify us of your travel plans. We will then contact you and discuss when to schedule your Travel Health appointment. You may wish to wait until closer to your departure (approximately 6 weeks prior) to schedule an appointment, as travel restrictions may change before then. Most appointments can be conducted by telemedicine, i.e., by Zoom, though some programs do require a physical exam. 

All Travel Health appointments include the following:

  • Review of the traveler's medical history and itinerary
  • Review of immunization history and discussion of routine, recommended and required vaccines (all of which can be provided here, with the exception of yellow fever; see below)
  • Discussion of health and safety while traveling, covering such things as insect precautions, sun protection, food and beverage selection, STI prevention, medical care while abroad, and general safety and security measures
  • Completion of any required forms

Some itineraries may also call for a discussion of malaria, altitude sickness, rabies, tuberculosis, and/or other relevant risks. 

To obtain Travel Health services

  1.  Go to the myUOHealth portal and complete a Pre-Travel Worksheet, found in the Forms section. Do this at least 6-8 weeks but not more than 6 months before departure. 
  2.  Once the Pre-Travel Worksheet is submitted, we will call you within five business days to discuss an appointment time. Please make sure your phone number is correct in our system so we can reach you. It helps if your voicemail is functional so we can leave you a message. If you have not heard from us in over five days, please check your voicemail and/or call Clinic G at 541-346-2739.
  3.  If we do not already have your complete vaccination records, upload them to the myUOHealth portal. Almost all vaccines can be given here (see below).
  4.  At least five business days before your appointment, please submit all your program forms and a detailed itinerary by email (, by secure fax (541-346-9093), or in person to Clinic G. If you plan to travel at high altitudes (above approximately 8000 feet or 2400 meters), your itinerary should include elevations for each day at high altitude. 
  5.  Bring to your appointment a thorough knowledge of your medical history and any medications you are taking. 

For questions please call University Health Services Clinic G at 541-346-2739.

Vaccines available at University Health Services

Yellow fever vaccine is only available in select locations, due to a manufacturing shortage. The closest clinics to Eugene offering yellow fever vaccination are in the Portland area. Please click here to see all the clinics in the United States currently offering the vaccine, and contact clinics directly if you wish to obtain the vaccine from them.

Additional Travel Information 

CDC Travelers' Health 

CDC COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Country—extensive information about destinations and health and saftey concerns.