Travel Health

The University Health Center provides travel health services to students who are planning to travel abroad, including those participating in UO-sponsored study abroad programs (such as GEO) and non-UO programs (such as CIEE, Semester at Sea, etc.). UHC offers both Physicals and Travel Consults, depending on a student's itinerary and their medical history. 

Travel Physical: An appointment with a physician or nurse practitioner that includes:

  • Review of the traveler’s medical history and planned itinerary
  • Discussion of immunizations, medications, and medical care while abroad, as appropriate
  • Physical exam
  • Referrals to other clinicians or resources as needed
  • Completion of required forms

Travel Consult: An appointment with a nurse that provides:

  • Detailed information and advice specific to the traveler’s itinerary
  • Review of previous immunizations and delivery of recommended or required travel vaccines
  • Discussion of any prescriptions for travel if needed, such as medication for malaria prophylaxis
  • Information on general travel safety, including but not limited to insect and sun protection, food and beverage selection, water and beach safety, altitude illness prevention and treatment, and STI prevention.

Please see Cost for Services for the fees associated with these appointments.

Preparing for Your Visit

  • To schedule ANY travel appointments for UHC travel services, please first click on the link below or go to the myUOHealth portal and complete the Pre-Travel Worksheet, found in the Forms section.
  • Once the Pre-Travel Worksheet is submitted, a UHC representative will call you within five (5) days to schedule the appropriate appointment(s). Please make sure your phone number is correct in our system so we can reach you.
  • Start this process at least four to six (4–6) weeks before your departure. Travel services are in high demand in the spring, so complete your Pre-Travel Worksheet well ahead of time.
  • Bring all your program forms, your detailed itinerary, your vaccine records, and a current list of any medications to your appointments.

Go to myUOHealth for the Pre-Travel Worksheet

Group travel consults are also available for select programs. If you have any questions or for further information, please contact the UHC at 541-346-2739.

Additional Travel Information

CDC Travel Site

Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

Due to a current nationwide shortage, the University Health Center (UHC) does not have the yellow fever vaccine at this time.

If you are traveling to a country that requires proof of yellow fever vaccination prior to entry—such as Ghana, a popular Global Education Oregon (GEO) destination—you will need to have your travel consult at a clinic that has either yellow fever vaccine or an alternative vaccination called Stamaril. GEO and the UHC travel team can help you coordinate this, if needed.

Regional Travel Clinics with Yellow Fever (Stamaril) Vaccine:

Passport Health
4610 NE 77th Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98662

Travel and Immunization Clinic of Portland
2330 NW Flanders St.
Portland, OR 97210

Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Interstate Medical Office East
3550 N. Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Cascade Park Medical Office
12607 SE Mill Lane Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98684