Tobacco Cessation

The University of Oregon is a smoke- and tobacco-free campus. The choice to go this direction was student driven and made to improve the health of our entire campus population as well as to help keep our campus clean and beautiful.  Just like getting nicotine out of the campus environment took time and hard work, getting nicotine out of your system can be a real challenge.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken an important first step—contemplating kicking your dependence on nicotine. We are here to provide you with support and free nicotine gum or patches once you decide to go tobacco free.

When you’re ready to commit to something that will change your life, contact us for a helping hand (and some free stuff).

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for Students

University Health Services provides several options to assist you in quitting.

  • Go directly to the pharmacy in the health services building for nicotine gum or patches.
  • Make an appointment online through myUOHealth and ask your clinician about other quit options.
  • Check out the other resources below.

Other Resources for Quitting Tobacco